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Connecting Businesses With Worksmart Services Ltd


In 2018, Computeam won a large managed services contract to provide connectivity, VoIP and security services to Worksmart Services, a new multi-tenant & co-working office provider in Stockport, Greater Manchester.

Worksmart wanted to provide ultra-fast internet connectivity to tenants and offer a range of simple, cost effective security and VoIP telephony solutions. Most tenants are start-ups and small businesses so the service needed to be easily expandable while offering an attractive price point. The office space occupies the top floor in an historic mill building in Stockport, which presented challenges in terms of cabling access and a long history of poor maintenance of legacy network infrastructure.


Worksmart Services Ltd

Services Engaged

  • Computeam Connect – Managed 1Gbps Leased Line
  • Computeam Secure – Dual Barracuda managed firewalls
  • Aruba switching network
  • Structured cabling works


  • Barracuda
  • Aruba
  • Datalek

Computeam helped me to understand our options and made a complex technology solution simple to package up and offer to our tenants. They dealt with a challenging handover process, got up and running in a very short timescale and have delivered the highest levels of customer service since the migration was completed.

Richard SymDirector, Worksmart Services Ltd

We really enjoyed this challenging multi-tenant project as it required us to think differently and plan the solution to deliver the current requirement and be scalable enough to grow with ever increasing tenant demand

Mike HillService Delivery Manager, Computeam Ltd

The Project


Computeam procured a 1GBPS leased line with capacity to increase to 8Gbps in future. This connectivity was routed via a new security and network management stack from Barracuda and Aruba which allowed for traffic to be split and secured in a granular way depending on the size and requirements of each individual tenant. This ensures that tenants can start small, and then extend their infrastructure as their businesses grow

Over the new network, Computeam installed a cloud-hosted VoIP solution, again offering a high degree of granular control for each tenant and providing Quality-of-Service to ensure that quality of calls is maintained.

Computeam now provides a range of additional services to new tenants including voice, security, connectivity and for the larger businesses a managed support service for their data and applications.

This comprehensive IT service offer helps to attract new businesses to take an office from Worksmart Services, safe in the knowledge that they will have access to first-class IT infrastructure at a fraction of the cost they would incur if they procured it individually.

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