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Computeam delivers fast, reliable and secure connections between office staff, home workers and cloud services.


Being connected is important for businesses at every level but not all internet connections are created equal. By using our business-grade service, you can have confidence in transferring legacy ISDN phone services across to money-saving VOIP phone services.

This will also help improve staff productivity by allowing employees to easily work remotely or at home. Connect with us to take your business communications to the next level.


Faster Internet Means Better Productivity

How much time do you lose with slower Internet speeds? Studies indicate that up to one full week of working time may be lost every year — per computer, per user — from slow internet connectivity.

Faster Internet Makes Communications Easier

If your business requires any video conferencing, online streaming, cloud storage, or cloud-based software applications then you will require a faster than standard Internet connection in order to work seamlessly. If you rely on technology for any part of your business, high speed Internet will help boost productivity and increase customer satisfaction.

Super Fast Fibre Means Lower Costs

Save money with the increased productivity provided by high speed Internet. A good internet connection will also deliver cost savings to your small business by moving your calls to a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system - Get features and services used by big business at a fraction of the costs of traditional phone service.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Get back to customers quicker, share information including digital content, presentations, videos and proposals.

Boost Productivity

Access data on the move and provide flexible working practices. These make your business attractive to the very best talent boosting sales and employee morale.

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Create, Connect & Grow As A Business

Internet Connectivity

The internet is the single most important resource in any business. We offer a range of connectivity speeds, complete with a fully managed web filtering solution that will keep staff safe online, whilst providing flexibility for managers.

Wireless As A Service

An investment in wireless provides a future-proof platform for the flexible deployment of technology in business, but complex requirements and a lack of budget can prevent progress. Wireless As A Service provides an innovative solution.

Wireless Installations

A professional wireless installation allows for an improved network infrastructure giving you better coverage and faster response times increasing productivity and making collaborations quicker and easier.

VOIP Telephony

Technology should bring the business closer together by providing fast, efficient ways to communicate. Reduce costs whilst improving communication with VOIP Telephony.

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Find Out How Computeam MSP Can Connect Your Business!