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At Computeam we have been busy updating our business continuity plans for the potential impact of the Coronavirus, including the possibility of a large-scale school closure. We want to reassure clients that we are well prepared for any likely scenario and have taken steps to try and support you with some of the short-term challenges this presents.  

Computeam Service Continuity   

We are confident that we can continue delivering your service up to and beyond the point that sites are closed, and thanks to our extensive cloud-based software platform, the majority of our staff can work remotely if self-isolating. Our business continuity measures include:  

  • Diversion of incoming helpdesk calls via VoIP, soft-phones or mobile phones  
  • Web access to all critical systems including ticket logging, communication and remote support tools   
  • Cloud-based staff communication including webconference so that teams can continue to work together  

In the event that the government orders a large-scale closure of schools, or in the event that your site closes due to a confirmed case of Covid-19, we are happy to extend our normal support service to cover staff working remotely from home. Please remember that we have no control over home broadband connections or personal devices, but we will do our best to resolve any issues that crop up.  

Remote Working and Distance Learning  

Many clients have contacted us to discuss remote working and distance learning using cloud-based technology. If you are already working in the cloud, please follow these links to Google or Microsoft guidance and training resources that help support distance learning. If you have not yet taken that step we do not recommend an urgent migration to the cloud. While this is an excellent long-term strategy, it would most probably be counterproductive in adding additional stress to staff who are already under pressure.   

Instead, most of our Computeam Connect clients will already have remote access configured, and we can help with a range of temporary measures in the meantime to help you make some resources available to staff over the internet. There is no charge for this for support clients, but the situation for each school will be different so please arrange a call to discuss plans with your account manager, and please be understanding about the very high volume of calls we are currently receiving about this topic.  

Working together we are confident that the worst impacts of the virus can be mitigated and we stand ready to help our clients in any way we can.  

Best regards,  

Owen Napier 
Managing Director

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